We make sure that all new admissions to Ysgol Rhydygors sit baseline assessments in key subjects.

We currently use the GL online assessments. These provide us with a National Curriculum Level, a reading age and standardised scores for literacy and numeracy.

We do these baseline assessments because:

  • Many of our students have had significant disruption to schooling, therefore they have not made expected progress since their KS2 SATS and Teacher Assessments
  • We need accurate, up-to-date performance data to be able to differentiate work appropriately and ensure that all our students make expected or better than expected progress in all their subjects. This means two sub-levels of progress per school year.

This information is then used to place all our students on a relevant Rhydygors Flight Path to success.

We use the most recent validated data on any student joining us until we have conducted baseline assessments. This usually means the KS2 SATS / Teacher Assessment scores from Year 6 and the National Literacy & Numeracy Scores.