Deep Learning was a term formally coined by Professor David Hargreaves around the year 2000. It was founded as part of research into personalising learning and redesigning education to meet the needs of all children and young people and enable ‘deep’ change and progress to be made.


The principal driver of Deep Learning is the concept of ‘co-construction’ where students and school staff work collaboratively together to design learning experiences and evaluate them so there is an endless cycle of improvement with deep student engagement.

At Ysgol Rhydygors, we are going to be developing Hargreaves’ ‘deeps’ agenda with a series of regular ‘Deep Learning Days’. These days will focus on a specific theme or subject or area of whole-school improvement:

  • Literacy Skills Development
  • Extended Writing
  • Numeracy Skill Development
  • Internationalism
  • Welsh Language and Culture
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Political Literacy
  • Careers and Entreprise
  • Digital Competency Skills Development
  • Exam Preparation

We believe that these days will enable the whole-school community to become fully involved in the teaching and learning process and take ownership of some key themes and agenda. We also believe that this will allow our students to develop key skills and grasp concepts at a deeper level.