I am very proud to welcome you to our website and to our school.

Our precious children and young people deserve nothing less than excellence and our dedicated staff team seek to provide this in everything they do. We will leave no stone unturned in our mission to secure progression, independence and employability for all our students. At Ysgol Rhydygors, we put children first.

We believe that everyone has unique talents and is capable of leading and making contributions to our school, local community, Wales and the wider world. We therefore seek to develop a dynamic, varied curriculum that ensures progression in traditional subjects as well as many creative and more practical-based opportunities for our students and staff to explore our beautiful world and the diverse people who inhabit it.

Literacy, numeracy and wider skills development feature greatly within our curriculum and learning. We understand the need to support our students become all-rounded so that they can enter further education, employment or training with confidence, able to start out on their chosen pathway. Through education, skills and personal development, we dream that all our students will have choice, freedom and a good standard of living.

We have the highest expectations of ourselves. We encourage kindness and understanding as we support our children and young people develop self-regulation and self-reflection and the emotional resilience they will need to grow into independent, confident contributors to the world around them. We do not judge, we do not control; we give the space and time for self-exploration and deeper self-awareness. We accept people for their distinctness and their unique starting points.

Success breeds success. We will always focus on the positives, we will always recognise the individual contributions and successes of our students and staff as we encourage greater self-worth, leadership and responsibility. Our positive, encouraging culture and ethos carries us all along on a wave of ambition and excitement. Everyone feels valued and knows the difference they make.

Please explore the website for further information and please do get in touch should you wish to come and see us.

With the warmest of wishes,

Ian Berryman