At Ysgol Rhydygors, we will leave no stone unturned in our mission to provide excellence to the precious children and young people in our care. We are endlessly locked into an improvement cycle built on the principles of the 4i Model of Intervention.

We evaluate and monitor every aspect of school life, both the day elements and the residential elements regularly and update our School Self-Evaluation documentation as required. This leads us to action planning to address areas for improvement.


Our 4i Model means that we systematically work together on an improvement journey:

ISSUE – What is the area of improvement?

INVESTIGATE – What are the facts, the data?

INTERVENTION – What are we going to do, by when, by whom in order to improve?

IMPACT – What difference do we expect to see and when will we evaluate this?


We believe that we will improve:

-through collaboration

-through consistency of expectations and practice

-through being open and honest

-through being data-driven

-through robust, regular self-evaluation.


Our Improvement Journey between 2016-20 is summed up in our emerging ‘2020 VISION’ which will work on the 5 key areas of school life:

LEADERSHIP – developing excellence in leadership

LEARNER EXPERIENCES AND TEACHING – developing an excellent curriculum and excellence in teaching practice

CARE, GUIDANCE AND SUPPORT – developing excellence in our provision for the care, guidance and support of all students

PROGRESS AND ACHIEVEMENT – ensuring that increasing numbers of students are making better than expected progress

ATTITUDES TO HEALTH & WELLBEING – ensuring high school attendance, contributions to school and the community and healthy attitudes


Our broad targets and expectations are summed up in the following diagram: