All aspects of school life are rigorously monitored and evaluated:


  • Behaviour, attendance and the climate for learning
  • Attitudes to learning, health and wellbeing
  • The school site
  • Health & Safety checks
  • Child Protection and Safeguarding


  • Student Progress & Wellbeing Reviews
  • Behavioural Incidents and patterns of behaviour
  • Provision for students causing concern and required intervention
  • Attendance, successes and causes for concern
  • The school site weekly walkabout and check
  • Health & Safety checks
  • Senior Leadership review of Child Protection and Safeguarding concerns
  • Senior Leadership review of the residential section of the school
  • Senior Leadership student work reviews to check progress against targets
  • Senior Leadership evaluation of school improvement plan and expected outcomes


  • Patterns of behaviour and action required
  • School finances and budget monitoring check
  • Policy updates and reviews
  • Governors’ committee meetings
  • Wider Leadership evaluation of the work of their classroom teams
  • Class work reviews to evaluate quality of marking and feedback and student progress towards individual targets


  • Provision for all students
  • Positive Handling incidents and patterns
  • School finances and budget monitoring check
  • Academic Progress Monitoring Check against individual Flight Path Targets


  • Residential Self-Evaluation against CSSIW National Care Standards
  • Full Governing Body Meeting to assess progress against School Improvement Plan
  • Headteacher’s Report to Full Governing Body
  • Attendance and absence progress check
  • ERW monitoring visits and checks
  • INSET Days for school improvement work and whole-school evaluation tasks


  • KS4 results and check against targets and Flight Path
  • Whole-school Self-Evaluation Report
  • Faculty Evaluation Reports
  • Whole-school Improvement Plan
  • Faculty Improvement Plans
  • Whole school budget set in March ready for April financial year start
  • Performance Management for all staff – Autumn reviews and Target Setting
  • Annual Governors’ Report to parents                                                                                                  2020 VISION