We believe that all our children and young people should be able to understand at a deep level the significance of Wales in the world and how life in Wales compares to life elsewhere.

We do this through the general curriculum and through our extensive visits around the local area, Wales and the UK. We want all our students to be proud of their Welsh heritage, the rich history and culture of Wales because we want them to make valuable contributions to the world around them.

We encourage this understanding and deep awareness through:

  • Encouraging the use of Welsh as a means of day-to-day communication
  • Planning deep learning days around the Welsh Language and Welsh culture
  • Cookery classes that focus on local and national cuisine
  • the annual Eisteddfod
  • Planning regular visits to key landmarks and historical sites connected to Wales and Welsh history

We want to go one step further over the next few years.

We want all our students to experience the significance of Wales on a more global perspective and we will be exploring deep links with the Welsh-speaking province of Argentina, Patagonia.

Stay up to date with our plans on this page.